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Complementary Medical Protocols       $99

Using Alternative Therapies in Conjunction with Medical Treatments

Presented by Janice Vick, LMT-I, C.H.

One-Day Class on DVD with Manual, Lots of Handouts, & Power Point presentation

This class is for anyone wanting to offer a multi-discipline medical-based practice,
MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS wanting to evaluate & work with complimentary practitioners

Although she holds no medical degree and has never been employed in the medical field, Janice Vick has worked successfully with doctors and health practitioners to help their patients enhance the treatments and accelerate their recovery. She will share with you how to create a holistic, integrative complementary care practice. Janice believes that providing multiple services and networking with other complementary and allied health professionals ensures the best outcome for clients’ health goals … from weight loss to chronic and terminal illnesses.


  • Which health conditions are most favorable to complementary care services
  • Working with other complementary and alternative care providers
  • Working with the medical community
  • Offering group sessions

Marketing Your Services

  • Gaining credibility by offering outcome, research-based services
  • Providing scientific research as education

Legalities of Working with Multiple Medical Professions

       *Being legally safe *Scope of practice *Legal boundaries

Janice is a Licensed Medical Massage Therapist & Instructor with many advanced certifications for medical conditions. A Lamaze practitioner, nutritional lifestyle / nutrition coach & Lamaze Labor Support Specialist and an IMDHA Certified Medical Hypnotist & Life Coach, she has also served on the Board of Directors for TX Complementary & Alternative Medical Assoc. and has been active in state legislative affairs to oversee the safety / responsibility of complementary health care since 2001. Janice serves on staff at McLennan Community College, offering CE classes in nutrition, meditation as medicine, & various courses for the prevention of illness. She was awarded special recognition for her public health education programs by TX A&M University & the TX State Senate. She owns Oncology Massage of Waco and Hypnosis Center.


“Janice gives a very informative, dynamic and comprehensive presentation on combining hypnosis with the medical community.”

“I am so pleased with this class. Janice Vick is so well versed on the research available.”

“Ms. Vick was a great source of information for how to work with individuals seeking support for serious medical conditions. I highly recommend her class!”

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Anne King Hypnosis Center Anne King Hypnosis Center
Anne King Hypnosis Center Anne King Hypnosis Center
Anne King Hypnosis Center

Anne King Hypnosis Center


Anne King Hypnosis Center