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HYPNOSIS FOR PAIN RELIEF        $178    $89

Presented by Dan Cleary, C.I.

Helping your clients who have chronic conditions "turn off the pain" is the focus of this 2-day intensive workshop. You'll learn techniques for pain relief that work --- without pills or side effects, thus providing a greater sense of comfort, control, and participation in life! In addition to interview techniques, the various topics below will be covered during this exciting and educational 2 days.

The Nature of Pain The Difference between Pain & Suffering
The Role of Emotions How to Identify the Various Types of Pain

Habit/Expectation Secondary Gain Self-Image
Anger Fear Frustration

Direct Suggestion Relaxation Visualization Parts Work Safe Place
Discomfort as an Object Body is a Robot Regression to the Cause

Daniel E. Cleary, C.I., is the founder of Hypnosis for Health Learning Center International in North Palm Beach, Florida. He has published numerous articles on the subjects of hypnosis, pain management, language, and creating change and is the author of Little Book of Change: A Primer to Hypnosis. In addition to working with clients, he presents seminars nationwide on Self-Hypnosis, Comfortable Childbirth, Creating Change, Chronic Pain, and other powerful subjects.


"Learning to do a lot less and get a lot more results, not only with our clients but with life, has never been so much fun. This quick paced circus of learning stripped all the unnecessary extras away leaving the core ability to assist clients find their comfort levels. In the process each hypnotist had a crash course in self enhancement." Diane Pope, Pinehurst, Texas

"Dan is a real pro - knows his subject and presents it in an informative and entertaining format."
Joan Dreeben, San Antonio, Texas

"I really enjoyed Dan's comfortable approach and it did shift my prospective in helping clients with pain relief: it is much simpler & easier than I ever imagined. Thanks for instilling confidence in all of us. Looking forward to play & experiment." Nadine Romain, Dallas, Texas

"This workshop made me realize how much more effective less is than more. It also gave me the tools to empower the client to use their own natural abilities to improve their life."
G.F., Bandera, Texas

"Dan Cleary is very thorough, entertaining and passionate in passing on his knowledge about the hypnotic process, and does a great job of simplifying this process." Nancy Pavlicek, Victoria, Texas

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Hypnosis for Pain Relief (2 days) (DVD)



Anne King Hypnosis Center Anne King Hypnosis Center
Anne King Hypnosis Center Anne King Hypnosis Center
Anne King Hypnosis Center
Anne King Hypnosis Center


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